Tamil Department

Tamil also spelt as ‘Tamizh’ is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Tamilians of Tamil Nadu and podicherry, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius etc. It has official status in the Indian states of Tamil nadu, Puducherryand Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Tamil is also an official and national language of Sri Lanka and one of the official languages of Singapore. Tamil is considered as one of the oldest language and Govt. of India has conferred ‘Classical’ status to the language.

The Department of Tamil was started in the year 2018. Apart from academic programmes the department trains the students on oratory and writing. Students who fail in University examinations are given remedial coaching. Many alumni of the department serve as teachers in schools, Colleges and in Universities.
To provide leadership opportunities for students and teachers in event and team official roles.
Coaching will not only include the ‘How to Play’ aspect but also the ‘Who’s Who’ of the game, studying game plans of existing teams and their players.

Vision & Mission:

  • To make Gold medalists & University rank holders
  • To motivate the students to participate in competitive exams .
  • To provide students with the basics of modern knowledge and Research methods.
  • To impart values that makes them responsible citizens.
  • To develop creativity, competitive skills, confidence in facing challenges, developing entrepreneurial and leadership qualities in students.
  • To prepare them for global requirements.