Chemistry Department

Department of chemistry was incepted in the Academic Year 2017 with an objective of motivating the students to pursue chemistry as their career. The job potential to the chemist is very high now and opportunities to provoke research in chemistry are ample. The Department has been upgrade with ultra lab specialty. The department has also organized workshop with participants from different Institutes and Universities in Tamil Nadu. it has well equipped Laboratories and Library.

Vision & Mission

Transforming lives and communities through learning. We make every decision to support the career and personal development of our Students. Our curriculum, teaching and services demonstrate that we value the diverse profiles of our Students.


  • To provide students with the basics of modern knowledge and Research methods.
  • To impart values that makes them responsible citizens.
  • To develop creativity, competitive skills, confidence in facing challenges, developing entrepreneurial and leadership qualities in students.
  • To prepare them for global require me